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Parenting Tips - How to Instill Good Eating Habits

Many parents wonder how to instill good eating habits in their children and when is it most appropriate to begin.

The sooner eating habits are created, the better. Otherwise parents risk spoiling their babies and experiencing serious feeding difficulties later on.

Habits can be created towards the approach of the baby’s first birthday. This is when basics can be thought. As the child grows older, feeding will be more fun and more diversified. Thus, an early start is advisable.

Good Feeding Habits at the Age of 12 Months
This is the age when toddlers start making walking attempts. The child has so much to explore and discover that eating turn to be something boring. At this age, toddlers are prone to losing interest in food.

To feed a toddler at this age, it is important to get something that will divert the child’s attention away from food. A large colorful picture is one such item.

A child that is learning how to walk needs energy. A year-old toddler gets tired quickly. Eating five or six times per day is mandatory. To make it easier, have small meals prepared for the child. In case the toddler demands more food, you can add some. Too much food might look intimidating, forcing the toddler to refuse eating.

Refrain from giving the toddler biscuits, juices and other types of snacks that can be consumed in motion. Make food more nutritious rather than adding such inappropriate quick meals.

Let the toddler decide how much food is enough. Refrain from forcing the child to eat. It might be a good idea to get the toddler used to eating together with other family members. This is how children will get acquainted with the social etiquette of family meals.

Good Feeding Habits at the Age of 18 Months
At the age of 18 months, your baby will need smaller amounts of food than during the first year. The growth process will slow down, making the calorie need smaller.

This is the age at which the child could become very capricious in terms of eating. Never force the toddler to finish up the entire meal.

A child at this age can eat nearly the same things as other family members. Make the portions smaller and refrain from adding spices. Toddlers might select a favorite food, demanding to eat solely that for the weeks to come.

Refrain from using food as a type of award. It should be a routine rather than something that the toddler does to please you.

Limit the intake of juices, since these contain too much sugar. Give the child water and milk instead.

Let the toddler attempt eating alone. Naturally, this will result in mess but you will be giving your child a chance to learn how to be independent. Give the toddler some freedom but do not tolerate games and artistic attempts involving food. If the child is playing or throwing food around, it is no longer hungry.

Good Feeding Habits for Two-Year Old Children
Two-year olds might be very picky in terms of food.

As the child grows, it will be observing you and trying to mimic your behavior and actions. You can serve as an example in terms of instilling good eating habits and rooting out the bad ones.

Growth slows down even more at the age of 2. This means your child will need less food than you think. The child may begin demanding specific types of food served at certain hours. Do not yield in to such demands. Asking your child about specific food preferences will only make it more difficult for you.

A two-year old should already be used to eating at the table with other family members. Letting the child eat during playtime or while it is watching TV will encourage poor eating habits later on in life.

By: Jamie Highland

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