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What Should You Pack for Your Baby's First Holiday?

The prospect of going away with your newborn should be exciting and fun, and if you’re well prepared and organised it will be. Whilst you may be worried and even a little scared at the thought of taking your baby away, you don’t want this to ruin or overshadow a memorable holiday for your new family. Packing the essentials for your baby will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your holiday experience, so what sort of things do you need to pack?

First of all, for those who are going abroad, don’t forget your baby’s passport. Since 2008, it became law that all children must carry their own passports, even newborns. Passports for children cost just over £30 and are valid for up to 5 years. In this sense, you’ll also need to figure out whether or not you’ll need a visa for the country you are visiting. Check with your tour operator or the embassy of where you’re visiting to know the exact type of visa you’ll need.

As a side note, if you’re considering on travelling abroad, you won’t be able to fly anywhere until your baby is six weeks old, depending on which airline you choose to fly with. The first six weeks of your baby’s life are incredibly important, so ensuring they are safe and well looked after is essential. It is therefore advised not to travel in these early stages, which is good because you can use this time to thoroughly prepare for your holiday. Make sure your child has all the necessary vaccinations as well. Whilst this won’t be something that you need to pack, it is once again vitally important to consider before going away.

Okay, so what to pack? Well first of all, consider your child’s day-to-day routine, and this shall form the basis of what you need to pack. For example, nappies, baby food, steriliser, baby clothes, toiletries etc. Whilst this is pretty obvious for parents, the quantity of each you take may not be. It’s always better to be prepared, so pack as much as you can. If you are travelling domestically, this won’t be much of a problem, however if you are travelling abroad, you’ll need to work out how much of each to take; but always pack more than you think.

It’s worth checking with the hotel or tour operator what equipment they will have. This will help lighten your load, as you may not necessarily need to take a high chair for example. If their child provisions are minimal, then consider things like high chairs as well as a cot and bedding. There are excellent travel cribs available which are perfect for when you and your baby are away from your own home. In addition, you’ll need to take a car seat, stroller or a push chair. The latter will be needed even if you are travelling abroad, whilst a car seat probably won’t be, unless you’re looking to hire a car when you arrive at your location.

Always think about safety as well, so be sure to pack baby proofing items such as plug socket covers and corner cushions. Always pack a first aid kit, and make sure it’s fully stocked with the necessities. If you are travelling somewhere hot and sunny, also pack baby suncream and sunblock. It’s so important that your baby is well covered up from the harmful rays, so also take a hat and other protective clothing for them.

Finally, there’s nothing better for a baby to be reconnected with something they love and are familiar with. Going away to a new place can be quite distressing for your baby, so make sure you take along their favourite soft toys, security blanket or games – it’ll be a nice surprise and they’ll love it.

By: Vincent A Rogers

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